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Weary of waiting rooms full of sick and aggressive pets?

Can't bring all your pets at the same time for their health care?

With reasonable prices including multiple pet discounts and shared housecall fees for you and your neighbors,

Long Island Mobile Veterinary Services can help meet your needs!

Heath & Wellness Checkups Throughout All Phases of Life

Vaccinations, wellness exams, routine physicals, blood work, digital x-rays and dentistry provided in our mobile unit.

Hospice Services and palliative care are also available to keep your pet comfortable throughout their final days.

More about Dental and Equine Services. 

Spay & Neutering Services

Utilizing the most current surgical monitoring equipment, spays and neuters are performed in our state-of-the-art mobile facility. We will administer these services to feral cats if they are first caught and caged.

 In Home Euthanasia

The hardest decision will be when you choose to alleviate your pet's suffering. It is the most selfless decision to make and while we understand this is a traumatic time for you, it can be far less stressful for your pet if administered in familiar surroundings.

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