The Mobile Unit The Mobile Unit Side A dedicated generator allows radiographs and surgical monitoring to run while procedures are performed. 168120477 Pharmacy Your pet's prescriptions can be filled on site. 168120481 Awning Full awning can be extended to shade your pet from the weather. 168120474 Rear 168120478 X-ray table The recovery cage to the left is where your pet will recover post-operatively while being monitored closely. The radiographs are take from overhead and are processed and interpreted immediately. 168120482 Entrance 168120480 Cage and lab area Blood work can be collected and sent to our diagnostic laboratory with most result back in 1-2 days. 168120483 175085066 Anesthesia and dentistry Our state of the art anesthesia allows us to do the highest quality work with the assurance of safety. Dental cleaning and surgery can be preformed in the mobile unit with your pet recovering quickly and safely. 168120470 Exam Area Your pet can be examined in the mobile unit or in your home. 168120484 175085073 Cardiac Monitoring The surgical monitoring allows heart rate oxygenation, blood pressure, and your pets ekg to be monitored continuously throughout the surgery. 168120486 175085069 175085074 175085071 175085077 175085072 175085080 175085083